big and blonde   

Added on 13th September 2017

Vobdam is big and blonde, but one would not realize she is an official Tranzilla until she takes her clothes off. Her boyfriend pays homage to her shaft, sucking and jerking on it with great pride and honor. 

Hikaru is an undercover modern day Shemale Shogun   

Added on 6th September 2017

Hikaru is an undercover modern day Shemale Shogun. She has long dark hair and very convincing girly features. She is on her bed in a nightie and has called in a male escort for some fun. She lucks out with a completely new and open minded guy, who gives her more than her moneys worth, by inviting her to teach him the way of the Shemale Shogun. She whips out her oversized Samurai sword , explaining to him the proper care of such a treasured item. Her man-meat swells as her chocolate brown nipples inflate, as he rapidly advances his sucking skills. He is a quick learner, swallowing her entire hog before feeding her some of his own. The two go 69, as they each swallow each others stiff sword. She rams hers down his throat, nearly suffocating him, while deep throating his with ease. She lays him out, splits his legs and really shows him what a Shemale Shogun is best known for; tapping his virgin anus and jerking his rock hard cock around. Hikaru fucks better than most real men, as she runs his ass through a multitude of training excersizes. Her hormone nipples puff up, as she puts him on all fours continuing the relentless pounding of his chute. She crams his ass and jerks his cock around, till he coughs up a massive load with her cock still stuffed up his shitter. 


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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