Gizelle is a big Brazilian blonde with a tight body   

Added on 2nd August 2017

Gizelle is a big Brazilian blonde with a tight body, big tits and a loaded weapon living between her legs.   She has no problems getting hard and her man has no problems with anything she wants to do with him.  He sucks her bald boa, before laying back on the kitchen counter and letting his bigger tranny friend tower over him while punishing his bunghole.  She splits his short and hairy legs and drills deep into his lifeless ass; completely bareback.  She makes him moan and grunt like a Brazilian boar, before pulling out and spraying her seed up and down his butt crack.

Maki Ichijo is a tall, slanky young tranny with a lot of style.   

Added on 27th July 2017

Maki Ichijo is a tall, slanky young tranny with a lot of style. Her hair is long and curly and her dress is very smart. She wears tiny pink panties that have a hard time handling her rapidly expanding cock. Our guy Mori, who has a fat cock of his own gets the call on Maki and knows what she likes. He sucks up her well circumsized wiener with his mouth, before feeding her a taste of his own fat one. He lubes up her anus and gets two fingers up there with ease, warming her sphicter up for his own shaft. He splits her legs and plunges her ass out, as he works her over in a variety of positions. He spanks her ass a bit as she handles his pounding good, sporting a solid woodie from start to finish. He pulls it out and feeds her a deep gagging throatful of his shit stanking whanker, before he lays back, rubs cocks with her and then sticks it up her ass one more time. Her skinny frame sucks it all in, as she jerks her Japanese turkey and delivers a small watery one before Mori-kun fills her mouth with a huge load of cum which she sucks up and swallows every single last drop of. 


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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