her tits are filled with creamy lactate   

Added on 26th April 2017

Cream has a great name for a Little Asian Transsexual. She has a baby face, with long dark hair and ginourmous tits that are filled with creamy lactate, which extracts with relatively little effort. Between her legs, Cream is blessed with a larger than average Thai elephant trunk, that stiffens with minimal stimulation. Her penis is no smaller than Allens imported model and no less stiff as well. They cock dock and kiss tips, before Allen works hard to swallow her pole and she works hard to loosen up her bung for a wild ride on a foreign pony. Precum fills her foreskin walls, as Allen pumps her anus and she strokes away at her own shaft. its not long before a little tickle on her ball bag manages to muster up a semi clear mess all over her own belly. Allen uses Creams cream for himself and splatters her bosom with a healthy load. She takes a bath and watches all the sperm swim away.

Vita is young, trim and nicely hung.   

Added on 21st April 2017

 Vita is young, trim and nicely hung. She comes home to her pimp daddy Alan, who has her try on what she was shopping for. She stuffs her big boobies into a new bikini top, before trying to fit her ripe sausage into the new bikini bottoms. He jiggles her nuts and licks up and down her shaft, before the 2 connect tips deep inside the others foreskin. He plugs her ass, as it starts to sweat anal juices all over his cock. She spreads his legs and fucks his well broken in shitter, before pulling out and exploding all over his balls. She gives him a little more ass and he feeds her a taste of her own anus straight off the end of his dick, before Allan coats her good with a massive glob of cum in her eye and evenly splattered all across her face.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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