Mimi is very young, cute and fresh   

Added on 2nd June 2017

 Mr. Abe is bored and horny and for whatever reason likes to try to talk in English a lot. even though no one seems to understand him. His preschool English skills manage to score him an escort named Mimi (our Cover Girl), that he finds in a magazine. Mimi is very young, cute and fresh, with bleached hair and a very girlish face. She laughs and giggles just like a nice Japanese girl; even though she does not understand a word of what Mr. Abe is saying. He sucks her natural nipples and massages her tiny tits that are barely starting to bud from her chest. She strips completely naked, as her rapidly expanding samurai sword stands straight at attention. Like many Shemale Shoguns, she has a stubby hard shaft with an unshaven pubic patch surrounding the upper ball sack. Mr. Abe grabs hold of her blade with his mouth, sucking and spitting on it while he also jerks her off. She sucks his dick with sharp precision and skills, continuing to laugh and giggle throughout his unintelligable English display. Abe long dicks this Shoguns soft ass, as her thicker than normal Japanese thighs point northward and her tiny nipple tips start to perk up. Abe fucks better than his foreign language skills are, and does a good job of pounding out her shitter, while jerking her tiny bird. He eventually mustards up a strong one that coats her fuzzy little cock and uni-sack.

Pita has big tits and a healthy 7 inch stiffy.   

Added on 24th May 2017

Pita is our cover-girl with big tits and a healthy 7 inch stiffy. Alan rubs her ass and gropes her balls and makes her change into a pink bikini. Her hairless chubby barely fits inside her new pink panties and out it plops, as Alan jacks it around and tugs on her nuts before making her suck his cock. Pita is a horny bitch who sucks and erotically twists his dick around in her mouth. Alan pries open her foreskin, laps up some pre-cum and goes to town sucking on her fat Thai noodle, cramming his tongue deep inside her gaping piss hole. He sucks most of the pre-cum out of her, but finds a little extra to share, as they "kiss cocks," putting each others wang inside the others foreskin. They fuck the others skin, before Alan splits her shitter and long strokes her soft anus. She pops a squat on his shaft and goes RCG riding his knob, as her ample 3rd member bounces all around. Pita works Alans bright white anus loose, as she jabs at him hard while stroking his shlong. She pulls out and cums all over his balls and he uses the cum as fresh lube to stuff it up her chute one more time, while squeezing the remaining cum droplets from the end of her cock. He pulls out and discharges all over the side of her face.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

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