Balloon is a young maid with a hairy bush   

Added on 26th September 2018

 Balloon is a young maid with a little baby fat on her bones and a well manufactured set of large, soft implant tits. Balloon is a naturalist who keeps her pubic hair bushy and is even growing some hair around her ass too. She comes to fix Allens TV set in his room, but quickly find herself undressing and cleaning his pipe instead. Allen fucks her face and peels back her thick foreskin, as he manhandles her Siam sausage and nibbles on her nappy nuts. They kiss dick tips and share some foreskin too, before Balloon blows out a fat and very creamy wad for a tranny. Allen wets his hands with her semen and finishes her off with a facial cum splattering. She showers, changes and heads back to work.

Her ball sack is very small, tight and tiny with barely enough room for even one nut   

Added on 20th September 2018

Sabrina is one of the most deceptively female looking shemales ever. Long brunette hair, pretty face and smile and small set of natural hormonal puffy tits catch the attention of many men. What most men are surprised to later fun out is that this hottie also has a 5 inch stump residing between her 2 legs. Her ball sack is very small, tight and tiny with barely enough room for even one nut, let alone 2. She has a latin lover with a massive baton that softens up her ass chute right after he gets done fucking Sabrinas mouth with it. His stick is so thick it nearly rips her anus in pieces as he pumps away poolside. Her twig goes stiff and she strokes as she continues to get drilled; finally spewing a small batch on her own stomach. Her man pulls out and pastes her face with a large batch of sticky.


Monday, October 15, 2018

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