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Her tool stands hard, thick and very long   

Added on 16th August 2017

Walkiria Drumond is an exotic looking thing with long hair and tanned white skin. She is a horny girl and is ready to get her ass licked and her dick sucked. Her tool stands hard, thick and very long. This girl is blessed with a weapon most men would sacrifice one nut for, and her boyfriend pays it its respective homage. They rub their cocks together energizing them for a battle. He goes to work on her ass first, splitting her cheeks in two as her stiff dong stands at attention. She goes for the same penetration on him and his skinny ass handles her monster hog well. She lays him out and finishes him off by pulling out of his ass and blasting big on his balls and still stiff rod. He uses her cum as the cream he needed to get his healthy nut off as well.  

Her chest is as flat as they come, yet her ass is pretty pudgy for a white gir   

Added on 10th August 2017

 Rebecca Souza has shorter hair, and a hairless moderately chubby ding-dong. Her chest is as flat as they come, yet her ass is pretty pudgy for a white girl. She is a street hooker and entices a young lad back to her place for some sex. She blows him nicely, licking and sucking his tip and entire shaft. He does similar to hers as beef expands rapidly. They swordfight a bit and she crams fingers in his ass to warm it up for a doggie style stuffing. She bottoms out somewhere deep inside his chute and strokes him hard in doggie and spoon. He gets on bottom and she rides his shaft for a bit, as her semi hard stiffie twists, shakes and shivers. Her thick ass is soft like butter and he softens it up even more with a huge load right on the rim of her gaping shitter. He helps her get off and then licks up the bulk of her creamy wad.


Sunday, August 20, 2017

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