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brunette with a thick ass and thighs and a fat meaty Brazilian boner   

Added on 18th October 2016

Anita Salome has a very thick body, massive thighs and a giant ass with long hair and large sun coated tits. Her tranny friend is Bruna Azevedo; a brunette with an even thicker ass and thighs and a fat meaty Brazilian boner between her legs. Their man friend is Alex; a dude who is down with anything of any sex. He has got Brunas cock in his mouth and Anitas lips around his pole, before both girls start to explore the depths of his anus. Bruna tests his anal chute with large servings of her meaty beef-stick, before Anita does a bit of the same. Bruna straddles his face and offloads a serving of cum for him as he blasts a batch on his stomach

Her cock and balls are shaved and cleanly polished   

Added on 10th October 2016

 Shasha is one of the most nastiest trannies around. She has dark skin, dark hair and dark eyes with long legs and an ass crack ready to munch any hard cock. Her cock and balls are shaved and cleanly polished, her penis cut, her abs ripped into 6 pack form and her asshole blown open from repeated ass crammings. She easily swallows a dildo as her Thai tiger starts to growl. She works it hard and fast and finally lets loose a few squirts of bright white cum. She showers and changes.


Saturday, October 22, 2016

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