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Ja is very tall with long dark hair and long long legs   

Added on 23rd November 2016

 Ja is very tall with long dark hair and long long legs. Her tits are large, her face is sexy and her feet are easily a mens size 11. Her high heel straddles our guys cock and nuts, before her hand takes over polishing his shaft. She puts her big feet to work, massaging his balls and stroking his penis, before dropping her bikini and dropping her fat, vein filled cock into our guys mouth. They cock dock, kiss tips and then she lays back splitting her long legs and getting long stroked between her ass cheeks. Her pink tipped Thai tamale has a big set of balls and quickly starts to scatter pre-cum throughout the area. She is hard from start to finish and her ass stays on constant overdrive as it gobbles up this imported penis. She sucks toes and then rips off a creamy cum batch that flows over her cock head and down to her nuts. She gets in doggie and takes a little more romping before out guy blows an anal creampie; which puckers and drips down to her balls. She showers and washes everything clean. 

Alexia Nogueira has red hair and long white whanker   

Added on 15th November 2016

Viviane Castro is a pretty suntanned blonde with huge fake tits. Her man friend is Alexandre and she loves to keep him happy. She sucks his cock good feeds him ample pieces of her shaved vagina. Her tranny friend is named Alexia Nogueira, and she has red hair and long white whanker. She eats out Alexandres ass and then jabs at his bung with her stiff stick. His flopping ding dong is sucked up by Viviane, who next puts on a strap on and goes deep and hard on his shit box. Alexia pulls out of his and heads for his mouth where she deposits a large batch. It pools in his mouth before Viviane comes and sucks the rest out.  


Monday, December 05, 2016

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