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Maria is a call girl on a popular Japanese escort site   

Added on 20th September 2017

Maria is a call girl on a popular Japanese escort site. Shin contacts the site and waits for Maria to come over to his place. He is nervous as he awaits her arrival. She is very tall and sophisticated looking, very much ready to serve her customers every desire. She strips him down then takes off her own clothes, exposing her big boobs and solid cock. She licks his entire body down, from head to toe, spitting on his dong and massaging his balls. He sucks her firm nipples and devours her skinny, yet neatly manicured 6 incher. She repeatedly force feeds him her rapidly expanding shaft, which quickly turns into a old school sword fight with her mate. She grinds her cocks on his, then licks out his ass, then swallows his meat with her own poopy chute. She rides him in RCG, as her own meat flops around, as he lays her out, punishing her worn out fuck box. He goes until he cant go no more, pulling out of her ass and offloading a very healthy one in her mouth and down the side of her face.

big and blonde   

Added on 13th September 2017

Vobdam is big and blonde, but one would not realize she is an official Tranzilla until she takes her clothes off. Her boyfriend pays homage to her shaft, sucking and jerking on it with great pride and honor. 


Monday, September 25, 2017

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