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Say Hello to Tata!   

Added on 21st November 2017

Tata makes her way home with her date after a long night out in Bangkok. She ties his hands and legs to a chair and strips him naked. She pulls her purple dress up, exposing her hairless and rather thick cock, along with her well rounded breasts. She swallows his dick and plays with it while staring into his eyes.

June is very young and cute with a baby face   

Added on 16th November 2017

June is very young and cute with a baby face and moderately large breast implants. She leaves her pubic patch natural and long, while her ass is chubby and her penis tip is swallowed up by a thick foreskin sheathing. She uses her feet and stockings to soap and stroke his wiener while her own jet-black, pubic-hair covered cock tip, slowly grows and pops out of its foreskin cave for a peek. They kiss dick tips before he splits her cheeks and rams her cock hungry ass. She uses her cock to massage his body before he sticks it back in her and works her cock into a cum spraying frenzy. Allen pulls out of her shitter and lays a sticky one on the top of her tongue. She showers and changes


Saturday, November 25, 2017

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